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The Lady Of The Unknown

The Lady Of The Unknown

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Of many lips! I have heard

this lore

A tale passed down

By the hearth alongside


A maiden of beauty .

Blessed by the mother

And spirits themselves.

A bluebell among roses

We must find her a groom

to love her," said the father.

Someone to adore her beauty.

So, a lad was sought

One of virtue and honour

In the distant hill, they went

We have found one for our sister

the brothers rejoiced.

"Go to him and a life live"

For you father, I do so

Replied the maiden.

With all the ransom paid

She left, with no tears

In her eyes, a storm brewing


The summer stars lit the way

For the maiden

The flowers and tress in grief

Shed tears of leaves and petals

before her feet as she went

"Let no stone hurt her feet"

They cried.

Until her torch, no more

In sight vanished.

Still loved by all in

The distant hill

She, a fawn adored by all

With her gown of grace

The gift of the mother to her

Ever young.

Of distant land, her beauty was

told and sought.

Then, a baby boy', the heavens

kissed her with.

"We must get rid of her"

Frowned the other maidens.

Thus, Swayed the heart of her lover

by a maiden with sorcery.

Yet her love ever new as the day

Her ransom was paid.

Till the world in slumber

And the only souls around walking :

The soulless ones.

You must go back to your father, "

the lover said

But the maiden pleaded him

It's dark and the stars in slumber

Won't light my way.

If I must leave, let the night wear


Her pleas were hushed into

the night.

With her infant in hand and a

Bamboo basket .

She, her journey began

Armed with nothing but a


She be either Laura or Lizzie

Tormented by the goblins

Her lover watched from afar

Till nothing was seen or heard

Other than the sound of crickets.

Breaking the silence of the dark

Empty woods.

Never did she ever step into

Her father's place again.

They wept and search

Into distant hills

Shouting her name

But their voice was all

They heard.

Where did she go?

I swear, no soul ever knew.

But this told from travellers lips

She still wanders the woods

With her infant.

her voice heard in the crushing

Of dried leaves.

Singing forever alone into the night.

Still waiting for her lover to

Call her back.

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