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Shreshtha Sengupta



Shreshtha Sengupta


The Invisible Light

The Invisible Light

1 min

Everyday seems to be a different story,

And quite surprisingly ends up as a tragedy.

Every person has his own history,

And for me it remains a mystery.

As life goes on, I become more and more adept,

Not in attaining wealth but in identifying different faces.

I help people in distress,

And in return they stab me unbelievably.

For I didn’t know that appearances could be so deceiving,

For I couldn’t understand these human foibles.

Yet, I continue to follow your path my Lord, and spread your radiance.

I try to hear the whispers of the sky,

It tells me to leave all my pride.

And when I do so

They use me for achieving their own prize,

And I become a marionette.

I feel the untouched slaps and the unseen knives,

Which leaves me completely bewildered, vexed.

So tell me o Lord! How do I become free from vanity?

If people continue to take profit of my modesty.

In this world of cheats and tricks; greed and pricks,

I struggle to survive.

As each day comes and goes, I persistently try to carry my masked smile.

I crave for the blessings which I might earn after doing good deeds,

But alas! It seems like an illusion.

Yet I follow your path my lord!

And try to restore humanity,

For it does not lie in luxury but in your name and in charity.

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