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The Heaven Will Cry...

The Heaven Will Cry...

2 mins

A little boy was standing in rain

Tightly clenching his mother’s wrist as he couldn’t bear pain

“Your father has become a martyr” said a person from crowd

His mother said in shaking voice that they should be proud

With great difficulty the seven year boy closed his eyes

For him, all the promises his father had made, now seemed to be lies

“When I’ll return back this time I will teach you fishing.”

“Next time, promise, I’ll fulfill all your demands! Just tell me what you are wishing…”

The boy had been told that funerals are generally heart-breaking

But even after this final good-bye his soul was still aching

“I didn’t want him to be a hero” murmured the widow “I just wanted him to be alive…”

As tears rolled down her cheeks, to be bold in front of the boy, she strived.

He was such a fool… The boy still couldn’t believe!

He felt like his old man cheated him, he was easily deceived.

He along with his mother silently walked home

He felt the father’s presence everywhere he roamed…

After that gloomy day filled with sadness and anger, the boy was famished.

But looking at his deceased father photo, all his rage unexpectedly vanished.

He remembered his father’s smile

All the moments he had spent with his father made his life worthwhile

The little boy now wanted to be like his father, he wanted to be brave

Giving his own life without second thought, so that his beloved nation could be saved.

“I’ll consider myself to be honored if I die while fulfilling my duty.” His father used to say with pride

Putting on his father’s over-sized uniform the little boy made up his mind, for his father’s dream, to stride

Wrapped up in his father’s aroma the little boy quickly caught wink

Seeing her little boy fast asleep, the mother kept the milk aside which she had brought for him to drink.

The mother with teary eyes came and sat next to her son by the bed

She also heard her husband’s voice, she remembered something he had last said

“Oh my love,” his voice echoed in her ears “When I will die…”

“Seeing the smile on my face, the heaven will cry.”

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