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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

The Great Indian Conundrum

The Great Indian Conundrum

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Being Human has never been so easy,

But it has not been that difficult either.

Need and Greed play hide and seek with each other,

As one tries to play the game called life.

What human is to human has been the most daunting question,

That has plagued generations finding answers, 

Alas! None were successful in solving this simple riddle.

As one exists, and then co-exists, both make sense,

Only when existential greed is surpassed by co-existential need,

Sadly, has been the way the human mind has worked its way out.

Then, a further division of this co-existence made matters worse.

Land, air, water, and even the sun, moon, and the stars,

Nature's bounties were tried to be distributed in the name of national progress.

The omnipresence of nature's wealth can never be divided by the phenomenal fallacies.

But, to err is human, Right?

Forgiveness has been the subject of the Divine, but for how long?

A mistake can be forgiven if the sinner is remorseful,

But a habitual criminal is out of the scope of God's penance too.

Let's talk about the greatest example of this, India- the largest co-existential cauldron.

There is a fire in India, a lot of it. 

The fire of anger, the fire of hatred, the fire of religious fanaticism,

And the fire of political patronage.

All rising as flames of riots, unrest, crimes, and loss of lives.

Who are the gainers, and the losers?

Democracy burns in this fire now, as people burn, and the corrupt glow.

The prime of life, the youth, is losing its shine.

The gleams of tomorrow, the children, are fluttering into darkness.

The aged have already accepted their diminishing lights.

The common man is the loser, only he is.

The rich, the wealthy, those in the higher echelons of power, are playing the winning tune.

But, what about co-existence?

It can never be surpassed by greedy existence.

The win is ephemeral,

The loss is eternal.

But, there is still hope, a ray somewhere coming out of the cracks of this blazing cauldron.

The last hope to revive humanity, to banish greediness, to extinguish this destructive fire.

A time to revisit and realize our unsullied past,

To live this penance, once, and for all.

The fog of ignorance, and superficial vices,

Can still be removed by the understanding of nature's virtue of living co-existentially. 

And, by stop playing the game of hide and seek- one of need and greed.

After all, being human isn't that difficult.

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