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Tanvvi Agarwal



Tanvvi Agarwal


The Awakening Call

The Awakening Call

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The sun set like any other day,

It was time to return home,

Yet, there was no traffic on the road,

Because no one was out.

The year 2020,

The biggest change in our lives,

A virus came,

And swept us all away.

It all started with a 21 day lockdown,

And here we stand after months,

Caught up in the same situation,

Unknown if it will ever be over.

Doctors served the nation more than ever,

Working hard day and night,

Some laying down their lives,

Like the brave soldiers on the borders.

Masks became an eternal part of our lives,

The need of hygiene more than ever,

Yet, the cases do not decrease,

The reason is all around us.

The need to spread awareness,

Now more than ever,

To get back our freedom,

To enjoy the open air again.

Why don't you wear your mask?

Why don't you follow the rules?

Is it not for your safety?

Or you enjoy seeing people suffer?

For once learn to follow,

Rather than lead in the wrong way,

And realise the impact,

As you can go out again.

Once again normal life will return,

The sufferings will end,

Don't you wish to see that day?

When the sunrise would bring happiness again?

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