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Sumeha Chakraborty



Sumeha Chakraborty


That Reminds Me Of You

That Reminds Me Of You

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You come to me 


Not in scripted pictures of the mind


Rather, in unanticipated flashes, all day.


Maybe all night.


If I dream. 




Flashes, that are mundane


That the commonfolk dismiss


With a wave of passing days


And rusted, faded concern. 


In careless abandon. 




You come to me: 




Like the soft gleam of dawn 


In thoughts of dewy grass 


Or tiny purple wildflowers on them


That you carefully skirt, 


While I walk beside you. 




Or in a sudden craving


For sugar spun roses at midnight


Because I don't know what semblance


Would be more befitting


For your lips. 




Or maybe when I see a soda can 


That you meticulously throw in a bin, always.


Or a pristine white marble slab


Because it reminds me of your plectrum.


That makes magic. 




Or when I come across red chillies 


Or spiced popcorn, or a packet of buttermilk


Or molten cheese or heart shaped boxes


Even a muddy puddle when it rains. 


We both know why... 




There are so many things 


That I want to point out and say 


"There, that reminds me of you, too!" 


But that'd take a lifetime,


And beyond. 




Because with you, prosaic turns phenomenal. 


Or maybe, it's just YOU. 

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