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Deepa Kaushik

Abstract Classics Inspirational


Deepa Kaushik

Abstract Classics Inspirational

Teachers - The Unsung Warriors

Teachers - The Unsung Warriors

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Teachers are the global backbone, 

Silent heroes, our stepping stone; 

Right from birth, till we survive, 

Those are our teachers, who support and strive. 

Home is our first school, the mother is our first teacher, 

Who cuddles and teaches us throughout our initial years; 

Pre-school is the first step out of the cage, 

Teachers caress the toddlers in that stage. 

Teachers are those huge trees, 

They being the roots, nurture their students as leaves; 

Imparting social behavior and discipline, 

Those are our teachers behind the scene. 

They are the knowledge bank, 

Limitless vessel and ever-filled tank; 

Teachers remain students at heart, 

Always open to new ideas and thoughts.

Adolescence is the golden period of life, 

Family loses significance, friendly teachers are their soul guide; 

The most difficult stride of these soldiers, 

Is to mold our future generation, our teenagers. 

The journey of teachers take a different ride, 

While dealing with the high-school tide; 

Collegian enters their next phase, 

Teachers ready with their friendly interface. 

These warriors never stop marching, 

Strive hard to yield a sensible human upbringing; 

Every teacher is precious for humanity, 

Their products as students are true acts of charity. 

The teacher could be a friend, family or tutor, 

Who had been their ideal and shouldered their success letter; 

Every person is obliged to their teacher, 

We definitely owe them a salute for this matter.

Do remember, always have pride, 

Every human somewhere plays a teacher in their life; 

Humans exist in the community, we all demand wisdom, 

Keep teaching virtues of kindness to the system. 

Respect all the teachers whole-heartedly, 

These heroes need to be applauded loudly; 


Teachers form a global backbone, 

They are unsung heroes, our stepping stone. 

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