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Debasish Majumder

Abstract Inspirational Others


Debasish Majumder

Abstract Inspirational Others



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Oh! I cannot get rid of thinking

It is my brain which triggering me to act and delve to find reason

When I observe divorce occurs in human society

I tend to think about Swan who are accustomed with such proclivity

I wonder how we emulate the characteristics of inferior species

Who only works out of instincts having no capacity to think and sense of ethics?


I came numerous buffoons

Who are largely inferior compared to human’s average attributes

Only few are the fore runner

Who can navigate human and eventually emerge as the only stunner!


I am forced to write an elegy

My mind is utterly engulfed by observing the majority’s misery

We may tend to soothe ourselves comparing by taming other creatures in the nature

But human observation and analysis enable us to infer

We are supreme by all means out of our nomenclature

We construe our social fabric by virtue of our superior fetus

Which only can bear the healthy offspring out of its internal configuration to cause ruckus

We alone can make all mess and even to jeopardize our own designed status!


Nowadays I am focused to think

If machines can make my all work replacing the hazards of human trick

I tend to ruminate everything devoid of human touch

Oh! I cannot endure the arrogance of human continuous endeavor to pose fuss

Swan, Swallow and numerous birds are designed to produce plentiful clamor

Bringing the message of summer, spring and winter’s dreadful attire

The cycle of nature we need to heed

It alone enable us with an ambiance to breed

Waging war against nature is a sheer fallacy

Only to beckon our own jeopardy

Just to construe a milieu in our available eco-system

Only to turn ourselves into a living fossil by inviting sheer mayhem!

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