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We welcome you to write a short hostel story and win prizes of up to Rs 41,000. Click here!

Himanshi -

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Himanshi -

Drama Others

She was a queen

She was a queen

2 mins 2.6K 2 mins 2.6K

Lost someone CLOSELY UNKNOWN just to hear the call,

stepped in the rain, Traveled in the rough

To reach the EVER KNOWN but UNSOLVED maze

Met the childhood friends for the first time,

She knew it would be hard, but she stepped out

Heard the VOICE OF SKY, greet the nobles, the vagabonds even the grifter

Face the UNKNOWN PAST, fought the loved ones,

Left the battle, to see no one hurts

Distant from the one, with the fingerprint on HER skin,

Dragged back into the field, to suffer the haunting

Danced on the street, she forgot to breathe

With him forgive the long gone, watched the snow melting

A moment apart, broke the beautiful,

She asked him "who we are to you?"

Fell in the abyss of silence, gifted him his freedom of love

Dead in days, crying in nights,

Figuring out "what we were meant to be?"

Away from him, with every tick of clock,

She wandered like a fool to met the new villains

She wished he had go away

But he answered "We are beautiful to me"

Stared at each other, didn't lose anything,

Just the moment of togetherness

Reminding the VOICE OF SKY, they danced in the rain the last moment,

The voice turned to reality, gave her everything until his end

They lost the battle together

Because they were meant to be BEAUTIFULLY UNFINISHED

She loved his hollow shadow, he stayed in the memories,

Raindrops, snowfall, stared at the wall

Broken but beautiful, she crossed the ocean,

To lend on her land

Struck by the ELEGANT TRAUMA, she sat

On her place with the proud crown

Raging faces, unknown friends, gambling loyal, dubious kin

As a ROYAL, she stood for them

Scared to fall, fear of losing the remain,

Alone she tried to end the cold fight

Not strong to win, not weak to lose, hold

The hand, just to get betrayed to feel again

Gave the EVER beautiful to bitter reality,

In exchange of promised hope,

To siege the clock with his moments in the end.

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