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Drashti Maniyar

Drama Inspirational



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In the period 

Of our togetherness

All my 11:11 wishes

Were for you.

Since now,

You've left me alone

I have enough time

Time to think for myself

Time to love myself

Pamper myself

To know my worth

And to understand

That self-love

Is true love

And no fellow human

Is above one's self-respect. 

And now

None of my wishes

Are for anyone else

But only for myself

My betterment

My dreams.

I'm not 

What you've portrayed me

Or what the world

Will think of me.

I'm what

I'll display to the world. 

My aspirations

My ambitions

My talents

My success

Will speak all about me.

Call me self-centred

But that is how one should be

Because I know my worth

And I deserve the world!

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