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Everyone shows a side to them 

A side that touches only the crowds 

The superficiality is abundant on the surface 

The truth, however is just encased 

Those eyes, they hold too much 

And yet, people have closed doors 

I often wonder how people aren’t lost 

While looking at someone’s eyes,

The depths of their soul 

Secrets are hidden fragments 

Of what a person doesn’t want to showcase 

And that, my friend, May be the actual truth 

But something inside is restricting them 

What goes on behind closed doors 

Is too much for the naked eyes to bare 

Those secrets shall carve the grave 

And bury themselves in those hidden caves 

What a person truly feels 

This, we shall never know

What we hide, what we choose to speak 

Is something that our conscience always wreaks 

And yet, we call ourselves an open book....

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