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sunil saxena

Drama Romance


sunil saxena

Drama Romance

Ruff and Tuff Madonna

Ruff and Tuff Madonna

3 mins

Madonna ruf and tuf Madonna

Always building your muscles

To use some one for your punching bag

To pass time , you keep Toy boys , your whipping boys

You twirl the ears of your toy boys

Taking your anger out on your whipping boys

In frustration when dreaming and thinking

About the ones you hate to love

Madonna ruf and tuf Madonna

You call your whipping boys your hubby , your husbands

To make others jealous

To make others see red

To make others come out in the open

To get the rat out of his hole

To get the rascal you want

But Madonna

You are not the deceiver

You are not the pretender

You are not the liar

Beware of heart of stone

Madonna you don’t know all of him

He is the deceiver

He see all

He is the pretender

Beware of him Madonna

He is the deceiver

He is the pretender

He has a heart of stone

You drink the holy water of kabala

The water from the holy streams of kedarnath Badrinath

Collected at Latur

You try to deceive the deceiver by

Giving the false impression the water is from

from the ones who don’t belong to us 

you want to bear the burnt of the wrath of your beloveds

you want to make those who care for you angry at you

you want your beloveds come at you with their temper blazing

to give you a bad headache

and after you have borne the burnt of their wrath and temper

so you can deceive them and call them everything under the sun

all the colorful names under the sun that you can think of

and tell them what the kabala really means

and make them look like kitten out of the garv, out of the womb

Hah, Madonna beware of the ones 

they are the deceiver

they are scared of you

Very Careful of your deceiving

they think twice before facing you

Ruf and tuf Madonna they will run away in the arms of other women

If you beat them

If you twirl their ears

They are clever Madonna

They are the deceiver

They are pretender

They are the liar

They are the cheater

They have the heart of stone

You can’t get the better of them Madonna

they can’t recognize you

With your split teeth hidden

Your split teeth make you look naked

When you hide them

You hide the beauty of your pearls

You can’t deceive us Madonna

we are the deceiver

we have you surrounded with best of hopeless men

Who will start digging their own graves

With their own fingers

If you ask them to dig

they won’t let anyone touch you, won’t let anyone come near you

And you can’t see above their heads , you can only see their head in front of you

They can’t look you in your eye

They can’t and don’t say anything to you, when you shout and scream at them

They just stand in silence glaring at their toes

And you just twirl the ears

Of your whipping boys in frustration

they have got you where it hurts most

Ruf and tuff Madonna

You can’t see ahead of your hard core loyalist men when you walk with them

They are always in front of you

Behind you, on your left, on your right

On top of your head, under your toes

You see them every where

You see them in your nightmares

Everyone is scared of Your hopeless men

Your hopeless men, your hard core loyalist men

they have got you, where it hurt you most

Ruf and tuff Madonna

You can’t see ahead of you

they have got you angry and frustrated

And you can’t do any thing

Ruf and tuff Madonna

You are the Empress No.1

You are everything in the world, that is there

If you are not there, then what good is the world living for

You make the world worth living for

Ruff and fuss Madonna

Beware of me , O’ Lovely Madonna

I am the deceiver

I am the pretender

I am the liar of liars

I am the cheater

I have a heart of stone

Beware of me ruf and tuff Madonna

Ruff and tuff Madonna

Ruff and tuff Madonna

Ruff and tuff Madonna ….

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