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Nitya Venugopalan




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"The animals will suffer, I will be avenged!"

Cried the new arrival, the others smiled sadly.

Forces were rallied, leaders declared their horror,

Media out like bloodhounds, out for blood, set for the kill,

The common folk gasped and shouted in outrage,

Beating hearts, widened eyes, protests galore,

Demanding justice, launching brutal attacks, verbose.

The new arrival watched expectantly, "Any minute now",

The ones before her smiled sadly in acquiescence.

Days passed, flames died down

Boiling bloods turned lukewarm ; life caught up

"But.... but..." cried the soul, confused and dismayed

"They must move on, they must live", offered the others in solace.

"At least, they know", they said and gestured

To the multitude behind them, who suffered oblivious to the world.

The new arrival became one of the set, and settled

To sadly welcome the next.

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