Rahul Khati

Abstract Drama


Rahul Khati

Abstract Drama

The Violet Killer

The Violet Killer

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I found a garden of flowers in the wild,

But it was the violet that I chose.

It remembered me of you,

So I picked one and never let it loose.

It was the brightest,

Just like you,

Still I plucked it and made it sad,

Like I did to you.

All I wanted was a violet for you,

Did I do wrong?

Certainly it was you that I was searching in everything,

So shall I leave the blame on you ?

I never wanted you to tell,

It's the violet that wanted you to know.

You were more violet that day,

Beautiful than the one,

I may never know, I know.

Yet it was your vibe

Which made the violet hide.

Oh love! I survived your eyes,

But the violet died.

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