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I was rejected several times,

But I was defused every time.

I was rejected in the field of work,

I was rejected in the game of love.

I have taken care of my office like a gardener,

I have admired my relation like an enchanter.

Even then the dream has been cracked into pieces,

I have been shattered in between promises.

I cried and I shouted with a broken heart.

Sometimes tears have come out,

Sometimes the voice has been choked.

The tears have washed away all the negative vibes,

The wild storm has blown away the dark grey clouds.

The rejection could not stop me from doing duties ever,

As every rejection made me tougher and stronger.

It changed my lifestyle, thoughts and behavior;

It has taken me away a mile from wildly anger.

I came back with a fresh mind,

I came with a careless smile,

I rejected the fear of rejection,

I rejected the debate of elimination.

What is the ultimate satisfaction,

I learnt from the life as a beginner.

The peace of soul needs no gratification,

It enriched my philosophy of life by endeavor.

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