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DevaDas Menon



DevaDas Menon


Reflection in Retrospection

Reflection in Retrospection

1 min

Relaxing in your rocking chair,

This day Your wedding anniversary,

You gently float backwards in to time,

As nostalgia plays with your mind,

And in Retrospection you remember,

That blissful day of your wedding night.

When he lifted your blushing face,

When you looked at him in innocence,

And he looked back at your shy eyes,

And saw the burning intensity of his desire.

The overwhelming fragrance, wafting,

Its presence all around you,The gentle

Vibrations as you fused in to an encounter;

Of passion, that transported you both,

In to world,that became union of your bodies.

Now you see your reflection in the mirror

Noticing the strands of grey, the mark of

Vermilion on your forehead, gently touch,

The symbol of trust,that lasted these years.

Feeling his presence,you turn towards him,he

beckons you, with a smile, enticing you,

In to his loving arms, you feel his warmth,

Hear his whispered greetings,

Of a happy wedding anniversary,wondering,

Why a surge of emotions brings;

Tears of happiness to your eyes, as you,

Feel the currents of his love,

Still as vibrant and strong as they were,

Twenty five years ago.

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