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Hasmukh Amathalal



Hasmukh Amathalal


Poetess-Sania Zakir

Poetess-Sania Zakir

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Human nature is not at all difficult to read

Good-natured people well behaved

Easy to convince

Without mincing words


You are called lucky

If such people are made friends already

You have access anytime you are in need

And get support indeed

You can read the simple human face

And make the trace

I read her in all the mood

And find her reasonably good

Look at her

Good round with shining cheeks

Eyes speak with an authority

Nose pointing with high dignity

Intelligent reflection with brilliant gesture

Her speech gives eloquent posture

London girl as she is known

Poetess and student well known with the work shown

Kind at heart and dedicated to work

I find no words

To appreciate and loud her

She is fine blend of beautiful nature.

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