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Poetic Princess!



Poetic Princess!


Oh Life

Oh Life

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Oh...oh...the life!

What are you life?

Are you... are you something?

That can be understood by nothing?

Oh much you have within you!

But...'s very difficult to live you!

Never being easy, never being in one's favour!

But yeah! Always on something, having a hangover!

Oh life... tell... tell me what you are?

I am from you or from me you are?

Sometimes giving love, sometimes staring hate!

You are not definitely something that can be drawn on a slate!

Oh life... give me... give me a little clue!

Are you something... that loves to only a few?

Sometimes giving joy, sometimes making sad!

But I must say, something about you really makes me mad!

Oh life... shall I try, to you, understand?

Oh I think....first... I need to make you my friend!

What is the purpose of you being in me, I don't know!

Oh many puzzles and struggles, turns and twists, to me, you show!

Oh life... you know... you know very well!

That it hurts... hurts badly...then why do you fail?

People say that you are a magic!

But with me, you are always a tragic!

Oh life... you see...see I am dying to live!

Yeah, for something, surely and strongly I believe!

Sometimes so weird, sometimes beautiful and sometimes stupid!

But I beg, always love me like a kid!

Oh life... show me... show beautiful upcoming days!

Let my lovely with his darlingest of all fays!

Oh why do you so much make me wait?

Why your graph is always a curve and never a straight?

Oh life...tell me...tell me.. what you are?

I am from you or from me you are?

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