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Of Desires And Daffodils

Of Desires And Daffodils

1 min

It’s a lazy winter morning.

I make tea with extra ginger,

Put on the blue sweater

And walk to the swing in my balcony.

With every sway of the swing,

The damp fragrance from the sweater starts

Filling my nose

And the quiescent memories come to life

I think about the one and a half day we spent together.

It’s still fresh.

You were waiting at my door

With daffodils and chocolates

I shout in bewilderment

As I run to hug you.

You hold me by my waist

Bury your face on my shoulders

And tell me how much you love me.

I clench you tight,

Not being able to say a word

About the times how much I missed-

Dancing crazily with you,

Baking cake with you,

Lying on the terrace with you,

And you.

We talked the whole night,

About the new pizza place across street,

The new courteney cox show,

The fight with my mom,

More Longing


Even more love.

And just like that it was time for you to go.

“I’ll be back soon” you said

As you left giving me a goodbye kiss.

It’s strange –

How our desires never stop flourishing in love.

I’m still pondering over it-

When my phone pings.

I look at the message from my best friend.

I smile as I explain to her for the millionth time-

“This long distance relationship will last.”

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