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Ode To Self-Belief

Ode To Self-Belief

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This time her emotions won’t let her be

So long has it been now,

So long has she grieved.

Static they were, all who claimed

To her justice, were they all shamed.

She never once breathe her plight,

Who knew she was the lone-ranger putting up her fight!

They tore her apart time and again,

But how could she be tamed to their reins?

She was a free bird,

Free to her whim;

No one has controlled her,

Who witnessed her pain and grim?

This time she let it lose,

Stood up to the demons she long fought,

She knew how to knit back her life,

It was all she got.

She’d leave them all,

Monsters who devour a soul's plight,

Let them prey on her lost visage,

Let it build their might.

But she never ran,

Running was not any of her strides.

She kept painting pictures in the dust,

Surviving the turfs and tides.

Long has she watched, grieved and cried.

But whatever might be the case, she won’t die.

She won’t put her head down and run from herself,

Rather complete all expected plus some additional perks unsaid.

Long has she been the woman who was free to shine.

This she’ll continue even when her will dies!

This she’ll continue even when she is scared and hides.

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