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Rashmi Hemani

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Rashmi Hemani

Drama Inspirational Others

Not a Born Fighter

Not a Born Fighter

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She learned to keep a smile on her face and laugh out loud,

When she didn't even want to smile,

She tried to get up again and again,

When she was feeling pain in her nerves,

She tried to push herself through the toughest path with full of hope,

When she felt like falling in the deepest valley of sorrow,

She tried to put her broken pieces back in place,

When she felt like breaking every moment again and again,

She tried her best to fight against her nightmares,

When she was walking through the path which was still dark,

She tried to keep everyone around her happy,

When she was herself fighting with the strom inside her,

She tried to help everyone healing their scars,

When she was beautifully hiding scars that she had,

She tried and tried and tried to keep walking the path she wanted to,

When she was feeling frustrated, exhausted and felling like giving up everytime she fell,

She also feels pain, fear, frustration, happiness and every damn emotion,

She is not a stone-hearted person,

She was not a born fighter,

She just decided to become one.

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