Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Need A Conversation

Need A Conversation

2 mins

My heart speaks one voice, while my brain another.

My soul lies in a place,

Where no mankind can ace.

Somehow, life drifted me away from the ones who knew.

Somehow, bliss remained when all I knew echoed away.

Life seems to always miss my direction.

There will be no hurt feelings .

Every journey has it own lessons.

Certain things that need to be known in the beginning of every such journey 

I will be honest like every time or at least most of the time

I do not even know where to start or begin.

I rather to say I do not know where this journey would end.

While time ticks clockwise towards the end... I counterclockwise - towards the beginning.

I never really followed lifes rules. 

Or maybe those rules never really followed me. 

I still do not know if I want to fight and hold my weapon high

I am still wounded from some of previous fights

I am currently kneeling with my sword exhausted and tired

On my knees scarred because of battles only god knows

I’ve a feeling that I want to stand up with my sword raised up high

Turning obstacles and differences into triumphs.

What a strange feeling I get when we are even a little apart

A feeling that motivates me to stay and lead .

Everyday I wish for hints, clues or whatever helps


I leave when I love the most. 

I miss when they hate the most. 

I give when I lack. 

And I lack when I flourish.

I miss who I am when lost.

I forget who I am when found.

This is me ..

Right now

Just need a conversation with a friend to remind me what I really want to get out of life. 

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