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sunil saxena



sunil saxena




3 mins

You are nonsense

You are fart of every arse

You are Kodak bear, you are a blowing willow

You are the burden of Earth

You are the mistake of the Chunnu

You are brain licker, You are nagger

You are a bimbo, a loose lid on top and head full of iron

But you are a beauty

You are close to the heart, we give you our love feelings

We listen to every word you say, only we do not pay any attention to what you say

You are hue and cry and two under the ears

You are lame walk,

you are pride of the pendulum, your moods swing like a ghanta

You are a dose for every pain in the neck

You are a world of sweetness, and make us an idiot and damn fool any time

You are dustbin without lid, you are a world of nonsense

But you are a beauty, very close to the heart, very, very close

We give you our love feelings, we keep you balanced on our head

And what you do not know it is very difficult to balance something on the head, for good – means forever

With a finger on our lips, in total sad silence

You are woman

You are divine

You are very close to the heart

You are woman

You are divine

You play us like a Band in the parade 

You dance on our heads

That is why we are bald

And you always have beautiful long flowing hair on your head 

Only to smack us full blast

And to make our eyes foggy in your blind love and passion 

You have made a total nincompoop out of us

You have made us a pumpkin with blinking eyes

You have made a monkey out of us, and have made us climb the top most branch of the tree, with no way down

And even then you call us male chauvinist pig

But we will imagine you are calling us, most charming person ,

with the handicap of shooting our arrows in the wrong direction,

that is , we are never on target in understanding you .

You have made curd out of our brains

And still you say, you are doggie 

Will you strictly say No,No, peeing, in the cot to a cute cuddly baby

We are sweet, innocent, bubbly babies

And you are woman, who just want play us like a band in the parade

We will forgive and forget your one thousand shortcomings 

If you just blink and miss our only one indiscretion

Kissing from our roving eyes, wildly flirting and kama sutra with every and any cutiepie sweety,

Jenny, Jill and Jasmin

But you won't let us off the hook

You will only let us get away with it after

You have done our, K, L, P,D = Khadi Lund Pe Danda

You are divine

You are woman

You are Apsara

You are the Goddesses of Beauty, Aphrodite

And we are only standing behind you,wagging our tails like a dog

You are divine, that is why we give you our devoted love feelings

You are woman

You are cosmic

You are divine

You are woman

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