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Karmjeet SIngh



Karmjeet SIngh


My Mother

My Mother

1 min 145 1 min 145

I feel blessed to be born out of your womb,

As son it's my responsibility to make you happy and meet you soon 

It's been 13 years since I have not seen you,

How emotional you are that I can feel for you,

Since my children you have taken my care,

From a toddler to 30 year old son,

Time has gone past in flash of an air,

Whatever I am today it's because of you

The sacrifices you have made truly no body can be like you

I remember I was not good in academics,

My dad used to scold me,

But it's you who supported me,

You are more of best friend than just a mother,

Sharing everything as if we are blessed together,

You had a very tough life 

But Jesus will bless you happy life from here upon,

You are just amazing,

That's words would also fell short,

Love you Mom

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