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My Dearest Father

My Dearest Father

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I have written several things for my mother,

I equally admire and love you more than her father.

I am not afraid to unveil my past,

Oh! Father your place in my heart is vast.

I had no mother since years,

She left me and I was in tears.

You were the one who took care of me, father,

You turned all my tears to laughter.

Every night I woke you up,

But you never said anything to me.

Every day I created a fuss,

But you bared all my tantrums with ease.

No one can take that place you have inside my heart.

I have loved you from the start.

I cannot imagine being away from you,

I have not loved anyone else more than you.

I lack words to say what all you have ever done for me,

You were my mother too,

You took care of me as she would do.

But she was not with me,

You have filled her love by loving me from her side too.

I always want to see you happy,

No one can ever do what you have done for me.

You are the best in the world,

You are the best in the whole history.

I am sorry for every pain I have caused you,

I am in tears father,

I cannot imagine losing you.

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