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My Daffodil

My Daffodil

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You fill my heart with passion for friendship,

Your fragrance I cannot let go.

A bud you are who make my heart skip,

You reside over the hills so low.

Slowly and carefully I climbed up the hills,

I waited restlessly but patiently to greet.

My heart blossomed to see my daffodil,

Where I traveled miles to meet.

Standing upright blooming passionately,

You fill my heart with joy.

You smile, you blush affectionately,

You make my heart rejoice.

The night arrives shivering me in chills,

Still I lie down along, admiring you.

You are angelic beauty my daffodil,

It is very hard to bid you adieu.

Like a fragrance, I will stay along,

I will hold our memories close.

I cannot stay; I will be gone,

It is you that my heart chose.

Embosom my friendship that blooms my heart,

Hold me close like your own.

Endeavour our memories since the start,

Don't cry or be sad or mourn.

Allow my memories to be your petal,

Let them encircle you within.

Allow me to be your pedestal,

So that I let you blossom in spring.

Let the fragrance of my words linger in your soul,

In your heart let pleasure fill.

Let the essence of our friendship stay as a whole,

Always remain a cheery and delightful daffodil.

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