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Moon's Distress

Moon's Distress

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The moon's once effervescent shine

Now hangs low as if in distress

As the heavens shower me

With tears of the once bright celestial being

Soaking me in the hurt and sadness it feels

I raise my head up, arms outstretched

Allowing it to pound my body 

My will can bring it some happiness

Somehow someway

But the tears only fall faster

Chocking back any words I wanted to say

Bringing me to my knees I fall

On to the soaked earth

Wet with despair slowing racing 

Almost engulfing me in its sadness

I struggle to my feet

Not to be swept into the fast-flowing current

My reserve growing weaker

I look for anything to grab ahold 

Before my legs are pulled from under me

Swallowing me into the current 

Turned raging river

But all around me is already swept away

"Why am I still here?"

"Why haven't I been swept away?"

When a few stars peek out 

And smile down upon me

As if to say no matter the sadness 

Or tears they are there to show me a light

When I look over realizing

An oak tree had wrapped me

In its leafy branches

Nestling me in its bough

Its canopy stopping most of the tears

But not all

I was so worried about the moon

I hadn't seen my safety here

Yet this tree was me

But I hadn't seen my strength

I hadn't looked beyond the moon 

To see the stars

I am bigger than the moon vaster

That's why the stars held my truth

Shining upon me showing me 

The moon will rise and fall

Each night

But I will stand as a great oak

Nothing will bring me down!

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