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Mom, I Need You

Mom, I Need You

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A woman bawled in sheer pain,

Holy plus nursery, ward number three,

To set her twinge apart, implored her brain,

But she was in high spirits, as in heaven,

For she was an expecting lady.

Today her pain will experience a hurl,

And she’ll befall a mother,

Be it be a boy or a girl,

She’d love milking either.

An overwhelming heart,

A billion dreadfully paining nerves,

But she waits for the baby,

The earliest cry of whose lips, is going to be mummy.

With all such thoughts,

She tries to bury the pain,

But actually one can’t escape dry,

In a tomblike tempestuous rain.

And the stretchers came by,

To roll her down to the operation theatre,

And she was quite edgy,

Of the incision she might endure,

But to bless, of health, her baby,

She pleaded to the creator all time, for sure.

She didn’t have any anesthesia in,

For it might impinge on her child,

Though with time her sting,

Drastically went on getting wild.

And, an hour later,

She heard an angel crying, seemed to coyer,

A cry once ever, a mother dies to hear,

And instead hearing it again,

She’d prefer to die, her prayer.

The doc confirmed, the baby angel,

A delicate dusky blue little girl,

And she the mother of her little world,

And a tear rolled off her eye,

And then there was no hold,

For with happiness she did profoundly cry.

But then her pleasure stopped,

And then her tears clogged,

And then she could see no more,

For then to zilch her pulses dropped.

Doc penned down the instant,

Birth of female child: 24th Nov. 1997, 0344 Hours.

Death of the mother: 24th Nov. 1997, 0350 Hours.

Medical reason: Undue pain leading to nervous breakdown.

The baby still cried,

None knew the reason,

Perhaps hunger,perhaps strange atmosphere,

But a corner of baby’s heart well knew,

She already lost her mother.

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