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Lokanath Rath

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Lokanath Rath

Tragedy Classics Others

Me Before You

Me Before You

2 mins 232 2 mins 232

So many years had passed,

All the ups and downs of life, we had crossed.

We met at young age and loved each other,

Then that love made us to be together.

We got married and started our family,

We became parents and raised children happily.

They grew older and chased their dream,

And they achieved some, it can be seen.

All these our journey took a long way,

As it couldn't been happened in one day.

We both grew with the time older,

Still, we both are together.

I can't see now that love in you for me,

May be you had changed your mind, it seem.

I can't se your sweet and naughty smile,

May be you had locked it for a while.

Now, you are keeping always a distance,

You never look back and give me a glance.

You are busy with some other work,

Sometimes you speak something on my back.

Children are busy in their own work,

They just look at me, as if I am an old stuff.

We all stay her under one roof,

But, sometimes I am forced to show my existence with the proof.

I don't know, why all these things are happening with me?

I wonder, what's my existence & Me Before You all and see.

Just think and tell me dear any time,

Waiting to know your feelings for Me Before You to make me fine.

I am desperate to know my status and Me Before You all,

Before my role in act of the life will end and the curtain will fall.

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