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Gandhiji was a man of great foresight with great expectations,

A nation's hope rested on Gandhiji's frail shoulders,

Gandhi ji walked liked a man in a hurry,

Gandhi ji stood against the might of the British,

Slavery according to Gandhi ji was never an option,

Only one idea on Gandhi Ji's mind freedom,

Freedom, and only freedom for india.

That was Gandhi ji's one point agenda.

Gandhi ji marched, to free us from yoke of taxes,

Gandhi ji's life a message of non-violence,

Gandhi ji was an epitome of love and peace.

Never rested, never slept, till we achieved freedom.

For Gandhi ji changed the course of his history.

For he was born to change India's destiny.

For Gandhi ji was one step lower to a Paramatma.

He was known as a great one, a Mahatma.

For today we remember Gandhi ji as our friend, philosopher, and guide.

Blessings his country men sitting at God's side,

For Gandhiji was known as father of nation. 

On every day, as also independence day 

Gandhi ji's life is our inspiration.

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