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Divya Sharma

Abstract Romance Inspirational


Divya Sharma

Abstract Romance Inspirational



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 It wouldn't matter to me whether or not society will appreciate my reasons of leaving us because I know that you understand that my dreams are my first love. I know that you acknowledge that much before I visioned a future with you, I had weaved multiple innocent stories around my dreams. 

Everyone will question my strength; they will curse me for not choosing a man because settling is supposed to be the end purpose in a woman's life. But I could take my flight off only because I remember you believing in my strength when I almost disbelieved in my actions and complained of how hazy my path appeared. You taught me to not settle down for what does not offer satisfaction. I am ready to be addressed selfish so long you, in distance, keep your beliefs for me intact and unchanged as you promised to.

This time I wouldn't let society impose its timeline and norms upon me to teach me to move on; I will have to make peace with the fact that you and I are now a life time apart but then, you have loved me hard for a life time enough, a love that's timeless. Where does then the game of moving on play? 


But someday far off or 

soon in moonless night, 

if you long for the spark 

of my eyes, or break down 

when I am not by your side

and fingers long for a rub 

against my skin and your 

heart may sing 

 "tshollhama , roshe roshe 

 walo myani poshay, madno 


remind yourself of the patience 

and passion in your love for me,

the transparency with which you

touched me, the peace that you 

found in loving and forgiving

and wait for the karmic justice

you have believed in! 

withhold strength 

and sieve out pain. 

With the trace of your fingers 

darkening on my skin, I have 

ways of meeting you in ways 

I intuitively believe exist. 

My jaana, my beloved, my madno, 

I will keep you, in afternoon tea,

under my pillow, in letters, in poetry

I will romance with your absence, 

I will gaze at you from distance, 

and even though I shouldn't but I 

will sing 

 "Walo myani poshay madno" 

But I will love you more for 

not being a patriarch 

when I fall again on my path, 

they will laugh again and curse me

but it wouldn't matter 

if you believe me again,

when I choose myself again!

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