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sunil saxena

Romance Fantasy


sunil saxena

Romance Fantasy

Lovely Beautiful Veronica , Beauty Of Beauties

Lovely Beautiful Veronica , Beauty Of Beauties

4 mins

Lovely beautiful, Ms. Veronica Clarke

You can change your name to Hillary swan

You can change the color of your hair

You can change the way you look

You may become a very good actress

But I am a better actor

I will not say, I like you much, as Hillary swan the actress

Because you hurt yourself,

And make me tear my heart, make me tear my soul

I will know you, no matter how you make yourself look like

Remember, I am the deceiver and not you

So don’t hurt yourself unnecessarily

Besides, you will act only in nonsenses boring movies

Which people will find it difficult to sit through

I don’t know when you girls will understand

When you girls sing, you are torture on the eardrums

And when you girls act, you are torture on the man’s senses

I just simply cannot understand

What pleasure you derive out, of showing you are getting hurt 

It pains the heart of others

And it is difficult to watch your pain and hurt

Even if it makes belief, just in the movies

Why can’t you girls act in funny, comedy movies,

Rather than acting in horror or action or very serious movies.

You may think, you come up with great stories for yourself

And then you make movies on your sadi Gali – rotten stories

That you write yourself, and you think people enjoy watching them

Well, I think people just can’t help sinking back in their seats

In gloom and curse themselves, why, they ever can in the cinema halls

To watch the rotten movie

And I am sure

They may just about start screaming

That they want their money back

Because the movie is torturing their senses

And they just want to get out of the cinema hall

Before the interval,

That is just being a little funny take on things

Don’t take it to your heart

But take it to your lovely, sweet head, and curse me a little 

Why can’t you girls, let others, write the stories for you

And then you act in those movies

And if any of you girls win any award for your acting or singing or dancing

I think I will run away to the moon in disbelief

And the people may just about run away to mars in disgust

“chooary” , my spelling for an apology , is a little weak

For my silly funny sense, my lovely, my baby dolly

And not sorry at all

When I say and write

Whatever I say and write about you girls

Showing that you are getting hurt

It hurts someone very bad in his heart

Just to think, you girls are showing yourself getting hurt

Just in make-belief,

Just to get one up on me, just to get even with me

It is, really silly, really silly and really silly

And no, being funny take this time

These are my true feelings and emotions

And for once, no heart of stone here

And no deceiving as well

And for heaven's sake

Don’t show you are getting hurt Hillary swan

And I think you will mess up this name as well veronica,

I say veronica means the beauty of beauties

Do you hear and you are the most beautiful of all the girls

So don’t tear my soul, my heart, by being silly

And if you have to act silly

Then kick me in my marbles first

So I don’t have to watch your silly stupid acting, hurting yourself

And you know what I think for your award for you

I am, enny weeny , itsy bitsy , tenny weeny , partial

When it will come to giving you awards

For your stupid acting, hurting yourself

And your torturous movies

And when you get your awards

Stop acting in torturous movies and showing you are getting hurt

You know, my mind is all filth and wisdom

I may take my anger out

On the ones who are assisting you, in making those stupid silly movies

Not that I will ever hurt a hair on their head or even hurt their feelings

But you can certainly have

A more happy creative expression of your feelings

There is no need for sad or tragic creative expression

All those who will assist you

It will be torture on their senses as well

And if you do that just to win some acting awards

Then you can have your awards

And stop your torturous acting

And thinking silly stories

And making stupid tragic movies

And making other people who assist you suffer as well.

You know my feelings

All is fair in love and war

If you get nominated for the acting

You get the award, and the award goes to Hillary swan

Simple, no problems.

You know, I am that tiny weeny, itsy bitsy, teeny weeny, partial

That is just being the funny take on things

And read the word war in finer print

Don’t break all my batessi – my 32 teeth

If you don’t like my funny take on things

Love you, babe

Take care, you are veronica, the beauty of beauties

You are Hillary swan

You are beautiful,

No matter, what you do, how you look

You will always be a beauty, you are a cutie pie

And don’t make me watch your movies

Nobody likes to watch award-winning movies

And only those movies get the award that nobody watch

I simply can’t understand this concept of the judges and critics

When the award should go to the movies

That is hit and are easy on the senses of the people and not a torture

But you will always be, veronica, the beauty of beauties

The fairest of the fairies

The charming smile 

The beauty that pleases the eye and the sweetness that charms the mind

You are veronica, the beauty of beauties 

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