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The Best Feeling Ever...

The Point Of Our Lives Where We Trust Someone More Than Ourselves...

The Time When We Just Keep All Our Differences Aside And Just Accept The Person The Way They Are...

Its The Stage Where Nothing Else Seems More Important Than That One Person's Smile And Happiness...

But What Is Love?

A Four-Lettered Word, So Simple Yet So Complicated To Define!

Some Describe Love As Trust,

Some Describe Love As Friendship,

Some Describe Love As An Emotional Connection,

But All The Above Said Are Only The Characteristics!

What Is Love Actually?

What Does It Mean In True Sense?

Love Is A Force!

Its A Strength That Makes A Person Feel So Strong!

Its A Different Kind Of Confidence That Makes Us So Fervent Towards Our Relation,

Its An Inner Power That Keeps Us Going...

Its A Beautiful Feeling...

Deep And Passionate Affection For Another Person,

No Selfish Motives,

A Point Where You Be So True To A Person That Your Emotionally One!

Meeting Of Two Souls!

But At The Same Time...

When This Power Is Taken Away...

This Same Driving Force Can Be The Reason Why A Person Might Be In Shatters...

The Connection You Feel Is So Strong, Yet You End Up Feeling So Helpless!

The Person May Be So Close To You, Yet So Far From Your Reach!

It Seems So Strange, That The Person Whom We Couldn't Resist From Speaking For A Few Minutes,

We Lose Contact With That Person For Years...

This Same Power When Lost ,

You Not Only Lose That One Person,

But That Person Was So Connected To Your Own Self,

That In That Process You End Up Losing Your Own Self...

It Seems As If,

You Have Buried Your Own Self Alive,

Six Feet Below The Earth's Surface,

And As Every Moment Passes By...

Your Gradually Losing Your Breath..


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