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Almas Wafa Khan



Almas Wafa Khan




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United by heart

Separated by religion 

Their heart loved each other 

But their religion didn't.

They wanted to be together

But their religion didn't.

But they ignored the world

And we're united by heart, but 

Separated by religion 

The society started disliking them

The people started loathing.

But they didn't care about society 

They were united by heart but

Separated by religion.

Both were like plant and nitrogen

For them, love can't be bound in religion 

They love each other lots.

Both had dreamt of marrying

The love they knew were selfish sometimes 

But selfless on other occasions 

Love of them was like the first flakes of snow 

Show the slightest sunshine 

And it's no more

But RELIGION destroys many lives

They were together by soul

But separated by religion 

She was his sun, he was his moon

She was the light her darkness

He was the darkness in her light

They completed each other from A to Z

Still, the universe rejected them

Told them to live without each other

But she was a Star and he satellite

The law had already accepted and supported 


It's just the society, the people around them

They heard a story - 

She was buried,

He was burnt 

that's when another love story came to an end...

But they said,

Let our shadows get married 

Because they don't define the religion we belong 

They walked in shadows 

Where love doesn't need to hide

As they decide 

They will not hide their love

From the world that doesn't understand,

Society needs to CHANGE

Not their LOVE!!

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