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Pradeepti Sharma



Pradeepti Sharma


Love Of A Different Kind

Love Of A Different Kind

3 mins

The pole star, disheartened, and wary, questioned the traveller,

"Don't I guide you always,

Wherever you are, wherever you go,

But still you devalued me. "

The traveller looked puzzled,

And gently asked,

"Oh my lovable pole star,

This world I wander,

Alone, fearlessly,

Coz you are there with me,

Though from a distance,

A reassurance I give myself,

During the day time,

And cloudy nights.

How can I devalue you? "

The pole star replied,

"When the moon is in its highest glory,

Enticing you with its radiance, and charisma,

You croon in its praise,

Dance under its light,

And I am forgotten."

The traveller smiled,

"The unfaltering love of yours,

Brought tears in my eyes,

Your jealousy is justified,

But I love you both,

The moon in its days of glory,

And you on the rest of the days. "       

The pole star screamed in disgust,

"That's why you are human,

A mortal who will die and perish,

And I live for eternity."

The traveller listened to the scowl,

And hit his horse with a bait,

"Let's go, Ralph, we have a long way to go."

"Such are these humans, thankless betrayers."

Sadly, thought the pole star, and continued shining the way it used to.

Though something inside it dimmed a bit.

Something that no one could see, or feel.

But it continued to shine like it used to,

And guided the traveller as earlier.

And smiled at itself-

"Why should I forget my duty,

Integrity is a matter of character,

Humans have a history of losing it often,

In need and greed both,

That's why they are mortals,

And I live till eternity."

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