Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Lakshmi Yasaswini

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Lakshmi Yasaswini

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2 mins

Streets are very busy with passing vehicles,

I have already started running errands,

As I never got time from my schedules,

To just relax and stay in the warmth of homes,

Until lockdown in fear of a deadly virus,

Urging us to make use of these times.

A flu-like disease, COVID had identified,

Not a single medicine has been invented,

For treating patients to be recovered,

Only social distancing has been advised,

Preventing people from being deceased,

Namaste instead of a handshake is learned.

Everywhere is the information about COVID,

Some of the infected are daily being died,

Colleges, malls, and restaurants are closed,

Only emergency services are exceptional,

As people are in their homes, quarantined,

Learning that feel of the home hasn't replaced.

Citizens living in places all over the world,

Under safety measures, they are returned,

Essentials for the needy are home-delivered,

By the volunteer people who aren't afraid,

By the virus, which is yet to be terminated,

As helping the needy should be practiced.

There are some, doing their level best,

For not letting the wings of COVID spread,

Frontline warriors, they are proudly called

Who are not even a little bit worried,

That even they also might get infected,

Knowing that doctors are God now. Period.

Dedicate time to build yourself into an icon,

Innovatively, in a great way to serve the nation,

As I can get out of the pandemic situation,

Maybe after a while, but it's a strong notion,

To finally step into a virus-free work station,

With all the lessons learned in lockdown.

Meanwhile, stay safe by being home,

Until the deadly virus is finally gone.

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