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Sarmistha Bhuyan



Sarmistha Bhuyan




2 mins

Under the canopy of thousand unsettled thoughts

Lumbering with the weight of my own heart and lungs

Gloomy and doomy

In a fitful slumber

A knock to wake me up

Pounding head squeezed chest

Brooding eyes, fighting numbness

Hiding sobs and sighs deep in my throat

I pretend to sleep

The roaring sea, the restless waves

crashing the shore

The howls and hisses I could still hear

A shiver down my spine

I scream within

A knock to shake me up

Stuck at nothingness

I looked at the life that I painted so far

The strokes of bruises, the shades of guilt

Little by little I scraped everywhere

Those smiles that I never smiled

The dreams I killed

The moments wasted, the souls taken for granted

Hopes I buried and desires fallen beside them

The days I feared to dare and never stood by me

The dark's are still darker and the greys are bold

Silence is silent, bare and cold

The truth that hurts and rarely told

Somehow I summoned up strength and wished to behold

A knock to knock it out and knock them all off

To forget the frowns and bury the wrath

To give wings to hopes and build many many paths

To fear no fear, amidst deep shock and disdain

I composed my palette to start painting life again

Tints of light and shades of dark

Scraped few bruises, added more spark

Changed a few strokes moving front then back

Brightened the slippery road, the cliffs of the mountain where water tumbled over

Wiped off those darkest clouds near the horizon and made the sun glow

With a pinch of highlights on the bushes far far away

I re-painted the canvas and let the soul flow

Towards the shore crossing those slippery roads

Climbing the stiffest cliff and see the bright sunlight kissing

The poised trees, gentle rocks, serene water, the soothing roads

Far away, in the diminishing end of that darkest tunnel ahead

If at all you ever noticed

Someway, I tried to change a few perspectives of things,

While bleeding to breath I just unveiled the dream-catcher in me

To seal the aches and steal some pain

A knock-knock to live, wake, and rise again.

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