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It's All About Death

It's All About Death

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Nothing to say, want to die in peace,  

We are humans, subjected to emotional risk.  

Empty world, empty life,  

Just want to gather all the courage and fly so high. 

I like you, you like me,  

Just a clickbait of human relationships.  

Sometimes I think why we are humans,  

Then realize we don't think that's why we are humans.  

We cry, We fight, Tears roll down from the eyes,  

You can't see, You can't think, Your brain goes dead sometimes.  

You die, You hide,  

When you realize,  

You live, You believe,  

When it's out of your sight.  

There's no god, nor life,  

It's just an energy, neither be created nor destroyed.  

Why to cry when someone dies,  

He'd live his part, now it's the time for him to explore and fly high.  

There's no heaven, no hell,  

It's like we'd just tossed a coin in the wishing well.  

It's all about the experience that we gain throughout our life,  

When you die it will all get summarized in front of your eyes.  

I love you, the three magical word,  

I hate you, I hate it, when it got memorized.  

Emotions are like a paper,  

As it gets old, it became faded and torn out.  

Soul, I call it transparent idiot,  

Who shifts from body to body when we die.  

You know there's no gravity in space,  

Just like that, there's no gravity in emotions.  

You say you are bound with someone and you will never gonna leave them, 

But as time passes, you realize there's no gravity in emotions,

Nothing is pulling you down for that person.


You are now free, you are as light as feather,  

Your soul has shifted the body. 

Now you are at some imaginary world, bound free,  

You are now infinity, You are time.  

Now you all realize, it's all about death,  

You face it or regret it.  

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