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Is There Any Reason

Is There Any Reason

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Is there any reason for you to do something wrong,

Like weak being threatened by the strong,

Like you know it's wrong to get into vice,

Know it's a sin to live in a world of lies.

Why I did it because my childhood was no fun,

 I was treated badly by everyone,

Did not bother about anyone, was always misunderstood.

so took to a life of crime always felt good.

Advice is for others to always follow,

But one who advises is the one who is hollow,

For he does not follow what he teaches,

But anyway he goes ahead and preaches.

you ask for a reason for what I do if it's true,

To survive I do what I have to do, for there is nothing else to do,

You live in a world of people who don't understand us,

Always willing to throw us under the bus,

But what about your world you live in a world of rules,

Your children go to the best of schools,

They are given enough money to burn to buy,

Their parents live in a world filled with lies.

And when their children have nowhere to go,

They look lost they feel so lonely and low.

Turn to drugs their life confused and in doubt,

Then through suicide find a way out.

Is this your world where only money is the only known entity,

Where unhappiness makes you go through motions of life till eternity,

I live in a world where there is a crime but no lies,

Where we really cry when someone dies,

So first question your world, where you know only to earn,

Then question our world, where you see life at first hand, and learn.

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