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Debasish Majumder

Abstract Drama Inspirational


Debasish Majumder

Abstract Drama Inspirational



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Fishes, reptiles, mammals and seed

All uniquely appear in nature's floor to substantiate its existence and breed

All are struggling with unique motion to manifest

What a lovely gesture nature offers to her inherent zest!


Everywhere we human observe a bloody war

Whether in water surface or in land surface

How we poor human can fathom

It is purely designed by sex chromosome

Utterly different from autosome unlike allosome

It alone navigate all creatures on nature's floor

To manifest its charisma with huge uproar in galore!


During the passage of time of evolution of heart

From two, three to four chambers it evolved with conditional art

It alone help to provide food and nutrients to all organs

Organisms developed with unique tune to expose with variants and align

In an available eco system we all creatures develop to sustain and dine

No apparent conscious retribution, no conscious intention towards others to malign

Survival for the fittest we all overwhelmingly accept as only prime!


Guerrilla war fare is a common phenomena

In human society to cause mayhem anathema

As war itself an innate criterion

Deceiving our enemy with our self designed devise

Subjugate the inferiors with superior's trajectory to sign

But the modern warfare has experienced a sea change

Where cyber technology and nuclear armament posing humanity with major threat

We all human are upholding the true essence of humanity

Restraining all our natural jeopardizing inclinations to install only peace and harmony.


I wonder while noticing the picture of mermaid

I affirm the picture as the only navigating source as a sign for my soul to satiate

To kindle my knowledge and judging my available resources

I resolutely concur

From water to land surface how life evolved and explore with grand rapture

Surprisingly none perhaps having their conscious social fabric

Apart from human to attune to construe their supremacy which is unique

The only species in the nature's floor

Having their society with rainbow effect in galore!


We human having the capacity to script our journey of life

We emphatically design our decorum of life and exist with amazing hue and vibe

Unfortunately we human are now beckoning our own jeopardy

Devastating the available eco system out of our sheer sycophancy!


But how could we ignore our past

Still our primates and guerrilla impeding our traditional trajectory and track

They still buoyance in our available social fabric

Fake identity to dupe majority by few with their hoodwinking inherent trick

Hardly we could comprehend

The difference of sex chromosomes are causing all confusing trait

Lesbian, gay and myriad sex formats

They all do exist too in our society with vulnerable fates

But hardly we majority do acknowledge

They all are human too and having the equal right to exist with their camouflaging presage

If we fail to to bring them in the mainstay of life

Chaos will only prevail to devastate human's exclusive vibe!

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