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Inspired From A Woman, To All Women

Inspired From A Woman, To All Women

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Ever high on myriad roles – waltzing on professions

Erasing all boundaries with the grace you behold!

At the helm of our homes, at the helm of fortune 500 companies

Budgeting, coding, decoding, investing, procreating, punctuating!

You’ve shattered society’s glass ceilings and won your rightful ground.

The most underrated of your roles – underpaid is an understatement

For no denomination can match your actual worth!

The undocumented, the disguised emotional costs and investments

No one comes to you with a statutory warning –

“Read offer documents carefully!”. Yet you stay strong.

Spare me a moment, as I applaud you on that!

Creating conducive workplaces – workplaces that deem

Motherhood not as a penalty; but a choice a woman makes.

Making comebacks after sabbaticals – why none uses that phrase

You’ve proved that sabbaticals are not a full stop to your growth.

What society thought was a full stop, was just your semi-colon!

The stories of your careers can beat any multi-crore grosser!

Flirting day and night with words – making out with metaphors;

I know, that’s an amazing feeling – one to long for and get lost in!

Women, you’re a flourishing economy, unlike the countries currently!

And if someone ever threw a lemon (read questions!) at you

Catch them lovingly, slice them, dunk them in celery salted puns

Juice them up with some fresh literary tomatoes

And dish them back – your brand of Bloody Mary!

Unshackle yourselves of the world’s most pungent paradigms

Never give up on anything – you deserve everything that’s yours!

A woman once told me, that you all women have priority lists;

Let me tell you, keep none other but yourself highest on that.

Beyond narrow domestic walls – bridging gaps at home and workplaces

Into that heaven of freedom – where work cultures get redefined

Where the mountain of this murky mindset, “Women cannot have it all”

Crumbles down into a stream that gushes loud and audible,

“Women can have it all, Women can have it all.”

Women will have it all!

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