Infinite Happiness

Infinite Happiness

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Of course I can’t live like this,

What I dream of what I have thought.

In all these years of sorrow in my heart is,

Of happiness...INFINITE happiness.

It is not a guest that shall come for tea,

It’s neither a delivery nor an opportunity

It is something that will seep into the grooves of my skin,

And remain there as if stagnant water.

It will give me strength to look into the eyes of pain and say,

That I have you controlled...conquered.

I have sometimes thought of conquering it because,

My radiance is far superior to its dark beauty.

Because once it fills me, my heart will burst out and,

My face will go into a perennial state of being infinitely happy.

Because won't everything just go away one day. Into infinity?

And when it does it won’t matter which memory went.

Because all that would matter would no longer be there to bother,

It will be all gone away...into infinity.

And that’s when you’ll be happy infinitely

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