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Riya Gupta

Abstract Children Stories Inspirational


Riya Gupta

Abstract Children Stories Inspirational

Imperfectly Perfect

Imperfectly Perfect

2 mins

It makes me feel broken

To see those 'perfect girls' flaunt,

My own words are felt unspoken

For all I get for being 'me',

Are judgemental looks and taunts.

I tried so hard to be like them

To get that 'perfect body'

and a 'porcelain face'.

Cause being 'me'

Has always made me feel,

Left out of the 'race'.

The 'race' of looking beautiful,

But not being one.

I remember,

Once my father said," the 'inner beauty' matters, the outer matters none".

Though I know this,

I still feel insecure

looking at those 'perfect bodies'.

And all I do

Is to find a 'cure'

To how not to be 'me'.

But while running after

the 'perfect beauties',

We forget that we have

Some 'social duties'.

The duty to smile,

to be gentle and kind.

We forget that we are beautiful!

It's not the outer,

It's the beauty of our Mind.

I know it's easy said than done.

Insecure people check?

I'm the one!

It makes me feel depressed and sad,

The way I treat myself,

I know it's really bad.

Cause sometimes,

When I look in the mirror,

I don't like what I see.

I tell you, sometimes

It's really hard being 'me'.

This is what it's like to be insecure.

You are to be judged!

But you can't cry,

Oh! the liner will get smudged!

You have to be perfect,

So that people can think you are

Worth it.

You can't wear a crop top,

You are so fat.

Put on some make up girl!

Your face looks bad.

Cutting down calories,

working out hard

To attain the 'stereotypes'?

But between all these chaos,

We forget to live our beautiful lives.

Checking yourself everytime

in the mirror

You forget that you are

Beautiful and unique.

What matters is being kind and gentle

But not your physique.


Be kind to yourself, love yourself.

Flaunt your individuality and

feature your incomparable qualities.

Enough of those fake 'outer beauties'

Live in the reality.

I know you are still insecure,

But let me tell you, you are not alone.

Your beauty is in your imperfection.

Oh! You don't need to be perfect.

Don't correct your imperfections,

Cause somethings are

Better incorrect.

Don't copy others,

make them copy you.

Cause I already told you,

Outer beauty matters for seconds,

What matters for lifetime

Are the 'good deeds' you do!

Here, let me tell you a secret.

The scars on your face,

The extra little fat around your waist,

The messy hair when you wake up,

The real you without makeup.

Oh! That is YOU,

Imperfectly Perfect.

Never underestimate yourself!

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