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Drama Tragedy



Drama Tragedy

Illegitimate's grief

Illegitimate's grief

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I'm Illegitimate

I'm Orphan

I don't know my address

I'm the result of my parental illicit relationship.

My mother threw me mercilessly on the street after I was born

to get rid of the stigma in society.

And my father remained silent as if unknowingly.

Where is my fault.....??

I can't find the answer of this question with reassurance.

Today many of ours are injured and killed by

jackals & dogs in the roadside....

But I alive

Many have lived like me

Our address is an orphanage or foster home.

What's our fault....???

Why are we deprived of parental love ??

This question often bothers us.

Who gave you the right

to bring us to the world and

make hell ??

Why are you born to me

 if you are unable to nurture ??

Would have destroyed the embryo.

I struggle every moment

Every step is a war

People call me orphan, illegitimate

Hopeless and discourage

made me die while alive.

I live on the mercy of others.

Searching illusion address in the broken heart,

My mind is swing

Tears flow from the chest

Crossing the fence of faith,

The anticipation of love seems poisonous.

Forgotten the impeccable love

Every moment reminds me

You are an inferior,

Cracked clothes, bare-footed walking, t

Three in one ruined mate in an orphanage remind me how unluckily I am !!!

Every turn seems like the enemy.

Tell mother, tell father

What's wrong with me ???

Why is it so unfair to me ??


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