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I Heal

I Heal

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Trying to forget the sorrows, my heart- I seal,

Ruptured emotions of my ruthless life- I conceal,

Passion and concern from the one who loves me, I feel,

After years of tormented life, finally; I heal.

Rage vanished and anger dissolved,

The situation changed and heart resolved,

Life gave me a chance; It absolved,

After years of patience, Love evolved.

Negative thoughts faded as confusion,

Sadness left me and ended my seclusion,

I find myself happy and away from isolation,

At last, I hope I feel excluded from depression.

Everything appears blissful and pleasing,

I find my love for you, increasing,

Sadness to happiness my feelings are replacing,

Happy I am, I find myself healing.

Your acceptance, I encounter,

You made me feel beautiful as a flower,

You- I want to empower,

Love upon you, I shower.

I wish to be with you in every phase,

I promise to never part ways,

I hope I brighten your days,

I pray, love keep us together always.

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