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Priya Singh



Priya Singh


I Am

I Am

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I am the shining silvery water of Ganges.

I sing the song of the rivers.

The sweet voice of the waterfall is where I have my concerto.

The peacock took my crown,

and moon my fairness.

The sun is my burning passion.

and the earth my calm serene nature.

Planets are my bits and pieces of emotion,

Swirling inside the ever-expanding brain of mine, causing commotion.

Stars are the shining bright eyes of mine who admire the world at every dusk and dawn.

The rain sings the victory of self-control over the scorching heat of my passion and desires.

I flow with the waves of the ocean in an endless expedition through Coconut groves and sandy beaches.

I am the daughter of Hercules,

And nieces of flora and fauna.

I sway along with the leaves when the wind blows,

And sometimes make collaboration with nightingale's angelic voice.

Cuckoos ku-hu-khu and bird's chirping.

I am the oasis of the desert and desert itself.

I am the clear, filtered streams of the valleys and valley itself.

I am the glaciers of Antarctic and Antarctic itself.

I am the nectar of the flower and poison of the snakes.

I am the forest of the Amazon and desert of the Thar.

I paint my own world of fantasy cause this world is hurting.

I am ugly they say but you see universe has taken a lot from me.

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