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CK Kalpana



CK Kalpana


Hidden Treasure

Hidden Treasure

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There is a mystery

And History

To these ancient locks.

An old story


Fiction perhaps?

Of a woman

Ruling these parts

With an iron fist

She had

Jewels galore

Worth 100 crore

Nobody dared

Approach it

When she was alive


When she left this world

Contenders rushed galore

Calling themselves

Her sons, daughters,

Friends, creditors and foes.

Then they found

These locks

On her ageing door.




But there was a door

On the other side

Surprisingly open!

They barged in,

The contenders,

To search for the inheritance

They rummaged

Through her personal things

Through her official table

Only to be disappointed

With unworthy metal

Useless papers

The tried breaking

The front door

But hurt themselves instead

They threw iron fist in the foundry

And burnt the papers

And went the way they came.

The foundry Workers

Thanked their stars

Cause the hot iron fist revealed the secret treasure.

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