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Grief That Consumes You...

Grief That Consumes You...

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Drowning deeper into still waters you weren’t once afraid of!

For you the situations always take turn for the worse…

You have been forged into a mighty solider some might say

But you are completely broken and to fix you there is no way…

With every breath that you take

In every choice that you make

You are becoming the sore loser

Where you are actually the victim, you play the part of the abuser

The grief has consumed you

Pain has robbed you of your emotions, making it impossible for you to see through

The harsh truth has started to define you

Ego and aggression have held you hostage and successfully confined you

The rage and hatred have blinded you

Forgiveness and kindness are now strangers whom you once very well knew

This empty look in your eyes that you possess now

You are so lost and confused with no answers to the questions like what, when and how?

Grief is so much more than sadness

It has the power to drive you towards madness

The pit in your stomach is just getting bigger

When tears held back get converted in to a smile, they are only waiting for a trigger

Where you start defying yourself through this lie which is the life

Where you are hiding knife only waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike…

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