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Shriya Gupta

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Shriya Gupta

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A big day in every student's life

Many people get to experience it

And many don't.

Closing one chapter

And opening another one.

A new chapter,

That can change your life.

You probably don't remember

What you felt when you first entered

Nursery from kindergarten.

But you remembered the time

You graduated 12th class,

It doesn't matter if you changed schools

Or studied in the same one from 1st grade,

You had all those memories

Of your friends, teachers

And everything else that happened.

You probably cried,

Not a lot but maybe a little bit.

You had a blast at your farewell

Because I had at mine.

Taking pictures with your teachers, friends

Making promises to always be in touch,

Making all sorts of memories.

Then you enter a new phase in your life.

College life.

For the next 3 or 4 years, you know

You have to come to this very college every day.

Making new friends,

Having new conversations,

And also making new memories.

And just like that,

Your college life also comes to an end.

College farewell and graduation

Mark the end of your college life.

You graduate from college

With a degree in your hand

You are ready to start a new chapter of your life.

Yet again, you will always remember

Your graduation day and all those memories that

You made.

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