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Inspirational Others Children

Freedom A matter of Pride

Freedom A matter of Pride

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It was destined the one day India would be free,

From the British, who cheated us of our freedom, creating apprehension,

When we got freedom, we're all happy you and me,

 We were all free from the yoke of suppression,

We fought in many ways, with weapons,

With methods non violent,

They imprisioned our mother{Country} by betrayal of trust,

Thought that we would remain silent,

Thought that they would getaway

With their power lust.

But they did not contend, that history throws up great men.

When a country's freedom is threatend by raiders, 

When all these great men came together, to fight for freedom, then,

Told the Britishers to leave our country,

For they were invaders,

Thus we showed them outsiders, when country's freedom was at stake,

We will fight fiercely, though so much blood did flow,

As a country, we all arose from our sleep, and came awake,

To send the message you are not welcome, you have to go.

Then came the day that made us all proud,

Greeting each other with happiness, bondage a thing of past.

Shouted out in voices that carried far, that was loud,

We are free, breathe easy, we got, freedom at last.

Today we honour those who fought for Independence, 

Those who are alive, those who have died,

For freeing us, from the Britisher's yoke of dependence,

We shall always remember them, think of them with pride.


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